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Back Pain Solutions

Back in Action - Core Strengthening Exercises with Andrea Metcalf

Get back in action quickly by understanding the "Basics of Low Back Musculature" –

Back pain can sideline you from all your activities or limit your movements. I had a herniated disc that hurt so much I could hardly lean over the sink to wash my face. The following muscles are directly tied into the back movements. They include the Core Muscles:

Quadratus Lumborum, Transverse, Hip flexors, Butt, hamstrings, Erectors, Oblique, Abdominals, IT band

Here's a simple outline to help you manage and prevent low back pain.

Three Levels of Back Pain

Level 1 – Minor aches occasionally; awareness of limited range of motion;

Typical of: “My back goes out sometimes when I least expect it”

Level 2 – Minimal Pain Scale of 3-4 on a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being immobilized)

Some limited range of motion; normally side or forward bending minimally impaired

Typical of” “I think my back may be going out soon.”

Level 3 – Frankenstein-like Movement Pain scale 5-7 on a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being immobilized) Slow thoughtful moves on every step.

Level 4 – PAIN AND MEDICATION ARE NECESSARY; Pain scale 9-10 as above

Intermittent ice, heat, anti-inflammatory medications, ER care

Do not exercise.

Level 1 Exercises Level 2 Exercises

Bridging on Ball Single leg cross

Prone roll out on ball Sexy spine stretch

Square hip hike ups Bridge walks

Hamstring curls triple lifts Wall stretch toe pulls

Oblique bent knee Reaches Pelvic rocking

Standing Side Bend Roll like a Ball

Side Planks and Side Planks with leg lift Elbow side plank

Elbow Planks On ‘4’ reaches hand and foot

Swimming Half knee roll over

Hip flexor kneel Flying runner stretch

Level 3 Exercises

Cat cow Half body knee stretch

Cobra #4 Stretch

Side roll over to stand Bent knee Hip lift

Tummy tucks Knee tuck

Rib cage lifts Single leg stretch

Feet tabletop pelvic rock Seated plie

Check out these exercises on youtube.


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