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5 Reasons why you should do Barre Workouts

The barre workouts were originally designed for dancers only. The ballet world has a long history of yielding strong, long, lean bodies. Our Barre Bootcamp and Barre Sweat + Tone classes offer low-impact, high-tensity classes. Both classes focus on elevating heart rates to burn calories while incorporating traditional barre moves like plies, leg lifts and squats as well as body weight training with TRX, glide discs and the barre. Our classes may also use balance boards, resistance bands and light weights to sculpt and shape your total body.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be doing barre workouts.- especially with Hang 5 Fitness

1. The workouts are low-impact. This means less pounding on your joints which can lead to early arthritis and a greater risk for injury.

2. The workouts are high-intensity. High intensity means that you'll be burning calories through the workout and elevating your heart rate to training zones similar to those in HIIT classes like Orange Theory and Barry's bootcamp.

3. They stimulate your brain. Barre workouts follow a dance format that follows the rhythm of the music which helps calm your brain. In a study out of the University of British Columbia, researchers found that heart-racing form, but milder movements have huge benefits for the brain, too.

4. Your posture will improve without thinking about it. “We focus on strengthening the muscles through the shoulders, upper back and chest in our barre practice, which in turn prevents us from slouching,” Andrea Metcalf, instructor and personal trainer at Hang 5 Fitness. "After just a few sessions, you’ll feel yourself standing taller."

5. Your tummy will thank you."Everything we do in Barre classes connects the lower and upper body by the core. Because barre focuses heavily on balance and strength, your core is an integral part of training and you'll see the difference in your waistline", says Metcalf.

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