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4 things you can do for your self-care this winter

Winter, with its dark evenings, can sometimes make you feel a bit hopeless. However, this can actually be a great opportunity to look at your self care routine, and work out what you can do to make you feel better.

Once you take the time to work out what’s working and what isn’t working in your life, you can then move forward and hopefully begin to enjoy the winter season, rather than dread it. We take a look where you can start with upping your self-care routine this winter.

Assess what you need

This can be hard, but being honest with yourself about what you want vs what you need is a great place to start with managing your mental wellbeing. If it helps you, take some time to write this down, looking at the things that are working in your life and the things that aren’t serving you.

This can also be beneficial going into the festive season, where there are often a lot of demands on your time. You might love to go out and see all your friends, but if you also know that you need time to rest and recharge, make sure you set your boundaries. Be honest with yourself – knowing your capacity can ensure that you are present at the commitments you choose to attend, rather than turn up to everything burnt out.

Work with a life coach

If you need someone to hold you accountable for your new resolutions, why not consider working with a life coach? They can help you decide where you’d like to see yourself in the future, and then you’ll need to go away and work on these goals. They can also help you with setting healthy boundaries.

Keep exercising

As tempting as it can be to stay inside and not face the colder weather, it’s vital to ensure that you continue to exercise regularly during the winter months. This doesn’t mean that you have to go running in the icy rain, but it can mean wrapping up warm and going for a walk, or completing an indoor exercise activity.

If you find it difficult to commit to getting moving, why not create a routine? Try and ensure that you head out for even a short walk at lunch, or at the end of your work day. If you’re attending a class, you could also try to find a friend to go with, or join a group class, so that you can encourage each other to attend.

Don’t fight the season, embrace it

Instead of mourning the summer, embrace the cosy winter season. Opting for crafts like knitting or painting are a great way to both keep your mind occupied and learn a new skill.

Why not spend more time making your favourite foods, or reading? Wrap up in a cosy blanket, pour yourself a good hot chocolate or coffee, and really settle into going slow and noticing the little things around you when you can.


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