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MEditation breathing exercises

Meditation starts with "ME"... or basically you. Try these simple ways to meditate with counting and breathing.

Counting helps.

One of my favorite ways to get people to calm the mind is to give them a task while they sit and breathe. Counting things can be a way to focus and center the mind. You've heard of counting sheep while going to bed to slow down the mind. The theory behind counting sheep is that it is simple, rhythmic and repetitive nature of the visualization that helps people fall asleep.

Try these

Counting your breathes for a minute.

Count the inhale and exhale as one breath. If you total less than 8 breaths, you are calming your body. The breathe rate relates to your heart rate. The lower the number of breaths, similarly the lower your heart rate. If you have 9 or more breaths, continue to practice until your minute breath rate is below 9.

Count backwards.

Counting backwards from 300 by 3 is another great exercise. Each breath ( inhale and exhale) say the number to yourself and subtract 3. Stay focused and if needed divide the number by three in your mind as you say the number to verify accuracy. Start from the last divisible number if you get off track or restart.

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