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Simple ways to find more calm

Close your eyes and breathe

Close your eyes and breathe

Mindful meditation has been proven to reduce stress and improve your immune system. Mindfulness can be understood as the non-judgemental acceptance and “open-hearted” investigation of present experience, including body sensations, internal mental states, thoughts, emotions, impulses and memories, in order to reduce suffering or distress and to increase well-being. (Kabat-Zinn, 2003).

More simply, close your eyes and just breathe. If you feel you need words to help center this meditation use words like "abundance", "gratitude", "love", "peace", "fearless", "faith" etc. Simply words to help express what you are feeling or want to feel recited through your inhale an exhale breathing patterns can help you focus more attention to the breathing. Sit comfortably with spine aligned when you practice breathing for meditation to keep neurologic pathways aligned with your universal energies.

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