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Why not try something new?

The best workout is the one you like! That way you'll keep doing it and have fun as well. The first two Saturdays of the month, January 5 and 12th, Studios FUSE is hosting a chance to try 3 different fitness workouts from Chicago's hottest boutique fitness studios.


The fresh start of a new year energizes us to share a fun Saturday Sampler Workout. If you're ready to get fit but not sure where to start, sign up for our Saturday Studio Fitness Festival.

You'll get to try THREE sample workouts from the best Chicago has to offer in High Intensity, Low-Impact, Alignment workouts with Kick@55 Fitness, Iron and Oar, Sproing Fitness and Hang 5 Fitness classes.

Arrive at noon and receive a bottle of water, a snack for later and a towel to take on 3 unique, heart-pumping, fun workouts. Choose from Kick@55 Fitness, Iron and Oar, Sproing Fitness or pick Barre Pilates with Hang 5 Fitness.

Kick@55 Fitness- This 55-Minute Class workout changes daily to keep your muscles guessing. A certified personal trainer will lead you through a series of circuit-style strength training exercises with cardio intervals designed to maximize your caloric burn.

Iron and Oar - Iron and Oar is Chicago's Rowing at it's finest. Work more muscles than spinning, get better cardio than yoga and less impact than running. Rowing is the best way to burn calories without sacrificing lean muscle. Work every muscle in your body and burn more than 700 calories in one 45-minute calorie.

Hang 5 Fitness - Hang 5 Fitness offers the most effective Barre and Pilates class including resistance bands, balance surfboards, and light weights to sculpt a lean, dancer's body. Move with grace and improve your posture and alignment. Follow your sculpt workouts with a yoga flow at the end of each day or spark your sense of adventure for the SURF experience classes prepping you for your next surf adventure.

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