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Upgrade up your camping


Maybe you dreamed of sleeping under the stars, feeling the warm breeze of a summer’s night and the moonlight reflecting off the pristine pond in the distance. Or Imagine sitting by the campfire with a fire crackling. marshmallows on a stick melting to a crisp butter brown from the fire and smashed between graham crackers and chocolate for the perfect s’more. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors but many don’t love the idea of sleeping on the ground or ants and bugs crawling nearby. Thus, “Glamping” was created—a more glamorous way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Here’s some ways to upgrade your next camping experience to “glamping".

SPARKLE AND SHINE. Sunscreen is important when hiking outdoors but “glampers” know that a little glitter goes a long way. Introduction to Sea Sparkle SPF 50+, sunscreen with a glitter residue to shine with the sun. Also don’t forget the bugs, Scout SPF50+ offers dual sunscreen and bug repellant in one.

SLEEP LIKE A BABY. Glampers love a comfy sleeping bag that is lightweight and easy to carry like a backpack. All in one, backpack and bag by Mimish offers a dual fit for hiking. Another option is super soft, bamboo fibers with a blanket, throw or neck pillow. Grand Trunk has you covered with all of those. Plus the sleeping pillow can squish into a small carry along bag. But if you don’t want to sleep on the ground, Intex Self-inflatable mattress can be an option. It’s still light enough to take along on the trip available at Dick’s Sporting Goods

KEEP IT DRY. Hiking and kayaking may take you to the river and you’ll want to keep your smart phone dry by leaving it at camp. SAFEGO offers personalized lockboxes that can attach to a bench, a tree or something permanent at your camp. Yet it’s a lightweight and portable safe that you can take anywhere.

NEED A LITTLE PRIVACY. If you’re not fond of digging a hole and having mother nature watch your every move, Phillips offer a personal pop up tent for a little privacy. And if your bathroom requires some freshening up, think of installing a solar-powered warm shower. The solar-powered shower allows users to be conscious of natural resources, while also staying glamourous. Paired with a privacy tent, there is no reason for communal campsite showers! Field and Stream has a variety of these products that give you a little time to yourself in comfort.

CITY GLAMPING. Still not sure how to sleep in the great outdoors but don’t have time to pitch the tent, check out the Gwen Hotel in Chicago’s Glamping package. The Gwen offers the city’s first urban glamping experience, residing on the private terrace of the Gwen Lux Suite on the 6th floor of the landmark McGraw-Hill building. You’ll see plenty of Michigan Avenue and stars abound as well.

Not sure where to upgrade your camping experience… look no further offers everything you need for a great outdoor experience for rent. They curate the highest quality products and test them extensively for ease of use and durability. We also own all the equipment so we can ensure the highest quality experience.

Wayward Chicago, 1551 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

They specialize in gear for exploration from hiking trips to weekend city breaks and urban staycations. Think things like fashionable yet functional apparel, travel packs as well as novelty items from The Midwest.

New City

Dick’s Sporting Goods at NEWCITY is the top destination in the city for all hiking, camping, glamping and sports apparel needs and NEW CITY is home to top retailers and restaurants including ArcLight Cinemas, AT&T, Brush Dental Boutique, Capital One Café, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Evereve, It’Sugar, German Kitchen Center, Earl’s Kitchen + Bar, James & Sons Fine Jewelers, Kings Dining & Entertainment, Mariano’s, Luxury Eyesight, Max and Leo’s Artisan Pizza, Nando’s PERi, Saks Off Fifth, Yard House and Z Gallerie.

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