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Get your best body with cross training

Studios FUSE was a vision to bring the best in group fitness workouts under one roof. The idea of giving clients the cross-training their bodies need and create a community of support, expertise, fun and nutrition, has now become a reality. Studios FUSE is now open at 2215 N. Halsted in Chicago's Lincoln Park featuring four boutique fitness studios, a juice bar, internet cafe, lounge space, lockers, showers and an east coast to west coast fitness vibe .

Kick@55 Fitness and Sproing Fitness anchor the high-intensity workouts driving calorie burns while west coast California living Hang 5 Fitness and yoga SPACE pull into fine motor patterns of balance, alignment, meditation, and flexibility training.

Why is cross-training important?

If you continue to do the same workouts, your body will get stronger in those patterns. But also keep in mind, that your body, optimizes each movement to find the least amount of energy expenditure and allows the stronger more efficient muscles to take the lead. This is what enables your body to be efficient but also develop strength patterns that may lead to injuries.

Get fit fast with Kick@55 Fitness and Sproing Fitness. These high intensity interval training workouts push your anaerobic systems to drive calorie burn and strength gains. Keep in mind that these types of workouts are very effective, but complimenting them with fine tuned movements at a slower pace will keep your body from injury and then being sidelined from workouts completely.

Hang 5 Fitness offers balance and alignment training with the SURF and BARRE classes. Take a new spin on traditional barre classes and work your total body balance on giant balancing surfboard. Calm your mind and stretch your body with yoga classes that incorporate light weights, foam rollers and glowing lights at Chicago yoga SPACE.

Children and teen classes coming in February as well as nutrition and yoga workshops.

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