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5 Tips to making a healthy smoothie

If one of your goals for this new year of 2018 is to be healthier, learning how to make smoothies would be a good idea. It’s a way for you to watch what you’re taking in as you know exactly what is going into your drink. That is of course if you stick to making your own smoothies and stay away from store bought ones. They may seem healthy, but you can’t be too sure with the amount of sugar that is incorporated into it.

To be sure, just make the smoothies at home. With just a simple combination of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, you are able to have a healthier diet and live a healthier life. Check out the tips below on how you can make a great smoothie to consume every day.

1. Add veggies – the great thing about smoothies is that you can add in even leafy vegetables but it can still taste great. Add more nutrients to your diet and incorporate vegetables like carrots or beets. Some like to always add baby spinach and cucumbers for a greener variety.

2. Don’t put too much sweetener – some people think they still need to add sweeteners like sugar, maple syrup or honey to their smoothies to make it taste sweeter. While this is okay, the thing is that all they add they add sugar. On the other hand, if you use fruits, they also add a whole lot of other nutrients to your smoothie. Use fruits like mango, pineapple, and bananas to make your drink taste sweeter, especially if you’ve added green vegetables to the mix as they can taste bitter.

3. Add protein – don’t forget to add a protein-rich ingredient to your smoothie. Although fruits and vegetables are really great, the problem is that you might feel hungry right away. This will not do it you plan on substituting the smoothie for at least one meal. Add ingredients such as low-fat yogurt or even tofu. These have a lot of protein which will make your smoothie more filling and that means that you won’t have to endure any hunger pangs until the next meal. Research on ingredients that you may add but remember to find out the calories they have.

4. Remember to count the calories – as you add more ingredients to your smoothies because you are looking for the taste that will suit you, you need to be wary because you might not be aware that adding all those small things increases the calorie count of your drink. If you are turning to smoothies because you want to lose weight, adding too many ingredients and increasing the calorie count makes the smoothie useless.

5. Use the right tools – all you will need to make great smoothies are your ingredients and a good blender. Make sure to invest in a ninja bullet blender to ensure that you can make smoothies with ease. Don’t opt for the cheapest ones because they may get damaged right away and you will just have to buy a new one again.

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