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5 Tips on how to recognize hearing loss

There are millions of people afflicted with some type of hearing loss all over the world. Like any illness, it would be better if this was detected early.

Hearing impairment has different levels. Some only feel a slight hearing loss while others lose it completely. For most conditions, the hearing loss does not come suddenly. It’s usually gradual so it’s important that it is detected as early as possible.

There are several signs that one may look for to check if they may be suffering from hearing impairment. Check out the tips below and if you feel that you or a person close to you have hearing loss, don’t forget to go to a hearing health professional.

1. Check if you are at risk for hearing impairment – a big percentage of those suffering from hearing loss are the elderly, with most of them at the age of 65 and more. Other factors that can be connected to hearing loss include drugs and toxins. Also, for those who are working in an environment that is noisy, for example in construction or the like may also be at risk.

2. Be alert for any buzzing in your ears – this condition of a ringing in the ears is called tinnitus and is actually very common. While it may only result to mild annoyance for other people, there are some instances when it is associated with hearing loss, although it is neither the cause nor the result of it. It may be a sign of a possible hearing loss so better to get checked by a professional.

3. Asking people to repeat themselves in conversations – this may seem like something so simple, as it is possible that even those not suffering from hearing loss may do this. But if it happens too often for you or someone you know, you need to get checked. People might think that it’s just a habit, not knowing that it may actually be a medical condition. If you find yourself doing this too often, check it it’s because the sounds around you are getting muffled.

4. People ask you to turn down the volume of your TV or radio – this is another sign that may be overlooked by many. Watching TV and listening to music is very normal, but if you notice that your family or even neighbors are telling you that the volume is too loud, it’s better to go for a hearing test to check if you may have hearing loss.

5. You have a hard time talking to people over the phone – while this sign may be attributed at times to a poor signal connection, it may also be due to hearing loss. If the voice of the person you are talking to sounds muffled and you cannot understand what they are saying, it may be a sign of hearing loss.

Although there is no treatment that could reverse hearing loss, it is possible to still live a quality life even when having this condition. Click this link to know more tips about coping with hearing loss, so that you will know what your choices are for treatment.

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