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Live Younger: How Vitamins Help With Aging

In a world where health threats are almost everywhere and living an unhealthy lifestyle is a growing trend, ways to strengthen the body is a necessity far more than a luxury. Sources of vitamins and minerals are becoming a high demand to help people keep up with modern life challenges while maintaining a sound mind and body. Apart from improving overall health, vitamins also help fight aging, which is becoming a growing concern for many, especially among young adults. Taking vitamins like nicotinamide riboside (NR) that helps offset aging is one of the best ways to deal with the problem.

As a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), nicotinamide riboside (NR) is very important. With NAD’s importance in maintaining and promoting good health, NR has recently captured the interest of many, leading to the creation of products that supplement it. Like Niagen nicotinamide riboside, these products are seen as a great way to boost bodily systems and fight aging. Here are ways on how NR help fight off aging.

1. Cell Damage Management

One of the biggest benefits of NR is its positive response to cell damage. Damaged cells hasten the aging process and NR helps in rejuvenating cells to prevent damage and speed up the production of new cells. With this, aging is generally slowed down while allowing normal body functions and strengthening defense from elements that cause aging.

2. Promote Energy Levels

Because it reinforces the supply of NAD in the body, NR helps promote the efficient delivery of nutrients to the cells which improve the body’s energy levels. This allows the person to perform more tasks and become more productive.

3. Helps Improve Muscle Function

With the administration of NR in the body, muscle mass is easily restored. Some studies suggest that the administration of NR helps in preventing and slowing down mitochondrial myopathy by reducing NAD+ consumption and improving mitochondrial function.

4. Liver Protection

An increased NR in the body also helps protect the liver. Additionally, it also stops the accumulation of fats, lowers oxidative stress, prevents inflammation, and improves insulin sensitivity.

5. Helps Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels

In a study, a mouse administered with NR shows improvement in glucose tolerance, reduction in weight gain and a decrease in liver damage. Mice with Type 2 diabetes shows a great reduction in blood glucose and an increased protection against diabetic nerve problem.

6. Prevention of Hearing Loss

NR supplementation in the body has the potential to prevent hearing loss among people. Through cell rejuvenation, ear damage is prevented and promotes healthy function of the auditory system. Cell degeneration through noise exposure is highly avoided.

7. Increase in Metabolic Rate

Restored healthy NAD levels in the cells help in improving the body’s metabolic function. NAD+ increase helps muscle improvement that contributes to its function in the metabolic process.

With these benefits and more, taking NR is a smart thing to do. However, like any other supplements, caution must be exercised in taking it. Seek the advice of your doctor and choose only products with natural ingredients.

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