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How to Be Motivated to Workout

Staying fit is an essential way of ensuring a healthy and fulfilling life. That is why, for so many people, their top new year's resolution always involves a new gym membership, exercising more or some other related fitness goal.

It is unfortunate that these goals are discarded within the first few months or weeks! The most important question for personal fitness then becomes, "what are the ways to motivate yourself to workout?"

Since this is a common complaint among many people interested in staying fit, we've compiled a few tips on how to be motivated to workout in 2017:

1. Identify your Goals - Apart from keeping fit, the other most common reason people commit to working out is weight management, muscle toning, and body building. It is however important to remember that change takes time. Do not let this discourage you. Set short and long term fitness goals that are achievable with your current level of fitness. You also needs to find ways to keep track of your progress. Seeing your body positively changing over time will keep you motivated to keep working out.

2. Don't discount good nutrition - As much as we wish it weren't true, there is no way to keep fit while feeding on unhealthy diets. Change your diet in little things depending on what you would like to achieve. A good diet will accelerate results from your workouts, give you more endurance, boost your moods, and keep you feeling energized throughout the day.

3 Be Consistent - For most of us, exercising does not come very naturally. However, that does not mean it is an impossible habit to acquire. The only way to do this is by being consistent; there are no shortcuts to fitness. We recommend that you start small. Identify at least three days every week and set apart time on these days to workout. After you get the hang of it, you can increase the time and frequency of your workouts.

4. Keep yourself Accountable -Make sure you are accountable to a fitness partner or some support group. Experts have found that a good way to be motivated to workout is to share your fitness goals with an accountability partner who is interested in your progress. It is human nature to avoid flaking if you know someone is keeping track of your progress!

5. Stay Positive and Have Fun! - Spice up your workouts by doing different things to keep active. Remember, the easy workouts are just as important as the hard ones. By having variety you will reduce boredom and stay motivated to exercise. One can also have fun fitness routines such as dancing routines or training while listening to some favorite music.

Cathy ​Scarlett ​helps people to live a happy and healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author (over 12 years of experience) and editor of She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories.

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