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Start Your Best Day in the Bathroom

It’s where most people find themselves after they wake up, but here are 5 ways to make that first trip to the ladies room, be more than just a place to flush things out.

  1. Drink up. Your first priority should be taking a drink of water. A whole glass will help replenish fluid loss from sleeping and hydrate your face from the inside out.

  2. Step on the scale. Although 41% of women feel shame every time they step on a scale according to a national survey, stepping on the scale daily can help minimize weight gain according to studies at Duke and Cornell Universities.

  3. Meditate in the shower. Simply being more conscious of your breath is a form of meditation. Enhance your environment and hang eucalyptus leaves in your shower for daily aromatherapy.

  4. After you shower, make sure you put on moisturizer with sunscreen on your face and BODY. A SPF of 15 is good even on when the sun isn’t out, because you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day.

  5. Take a good look in the mirror. Before you leave the bathroom, take one good look in the mirror and in your mind, talk to yourself. Say one positive thing about your body, one thing your are grateful for and one deep breath to center your soul and have the best day.

It might take a few more minutes or more mindfulness, but you’ll feel the difference even after just one day of practice.

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