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5 Ways to Feel Younger

We lose 50% of our flexibility as we age in our bodies and while Yoga helps increase flexibility, maybe you need a little yoga for the brain. Adding these simple tips can help you relax, rejuvenate and even add a few years to your lifespan.

  1. Meditate more often. Tap into your universal life force and meditate. Notice where your breath is and where you feel tension. Concentrate on your breath and inhaling and exhaling. Find your “cell”. When you think of meditating, welcome every cell in your body. Focus on the cosmos of your body’s inner life.

  2. Make small changes. Anytime you learn to learn a new habit and keep your brain strong. Changing patterns like even changing the way you wear your watch can help improve your brain function. Wear it on your right instead of your left hand for a week. then change it back!

  3. Be patient and more accepting of others. The best way to practice acceptance is to repeatedly expose yourself to things that are not easy. When you feel uncomfortable or out of your element, you are learning and broadening your horizons.

  4. Get more creative by taking a walk. Experts at Stanford University think because walking make the heart pump more blood which means more oxygen to your brain.

  5. Count out loud for 16 seconds and close your eyes. Meditating for 16 seconds is all it takes for your brain to change. This can make you happier, more present and less stressed. Take a deep breath - hold it in for four counts and exhale for four… repeat, repeat, repeat.

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