The Sweat Edition - No Sweat

I am sure you know that sweat is a way for the body to cool itself. But your sweat is more than just a coolant. How much do you know about your sweat?

1. Exercise with a hangover can lead to sweat that smells like alcoholic and is likely to also cause:

a. dehydration,

b. hypothermic reaction


d. lower heart rate.

-5-10% of alcohol not broken down by the liver is expressed sweat rehydrating will increase energy and reduce this effect.

2. Regular sweating has been shown to reduce blood pressure by removing excess calcium, sodium, lactate or vitamin K.

Sweat helps flush the body of excess sodium potentially lowering blood pressure - both saunas and sweaty workouts are effective.

3. What’s the best way to rehydrate after a heavy sweating session lasting longer than an hour?

cold water with lemon , diet sports drink, water with electrolytes,

4. With high intensity workouts and high sweat-rate, what mineral is lost that can lead to osteoporosis? iron, calcium copper, sodium.

calcium can be leached out of the bones during vigorous workouts, a high-calcium meal before intense workouts can counteract this.

5. Heavy sweat-induced workouts can lead to cravings for pickles. True or false

  • True. Research shows that