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5 Ways to Get More Energy

Between the cold weather and endless holiday spirit, it’s easy to feel drained this time of year. If you’re feeling low energy, here are five ways to put more pep in your step.

Get moving. Exercise helps boost your heart rate and increase those “feel good” hormones. Even as little as ten minutes of walking, can change your mood. According to the American Psychological Association, there is mounting evidence that exercise can help ease anxiety.

  1. Oil up. For a calorie free way to change your mood, look to essential oils. Research shows that peppermint oil has mood-elevating properties and orange oils promote a more positive mood. Use oils on the temples or wrists or add to a few drops to a steeping water.

  1. Make someone smile. Smiling can be contagious according to an article in Psychology Today. How can you get someone to get that little giggle - use technology. These days there are so many fun emojis to share and entice that smile. Kika Tech, developers of the Kika Keyboard, in collaboration with NBC Universal has created a new Sing sticker pack to send those cute, wild hilarious characters in your next text message! (Android: and iOS)

  1. Take a bite of chocolate. London’s Kingston University reported chocolate is a mood booster. Epicatechin, a plant chemical particularly abundant in dark chocolate, gives the body a boost by widening the blood vessels. Increased circulation gives the body a sense of more energy. Think dark chocolate with at least 96% cacao for best results.

  1. LOL. Although you might feel a bit self-conscious to just start a good belly laugh, laughing can raise heart rate and boost blood pressure. So tune into that crazy cat clawing down the wall or jumping onto a fan videos and laugh away. You’ll feel more energized and don’t forget to share it on facebook, to share the laugh too!

This blog was powered by Kika Tech but opinions are all my own. #partner


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