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How to Get Fit Without Really Trying

15 Smart Tips to Get Fit

  1. Stand up while talking on the phone. Practice balancing on one leg to improve hip and core strength.

  2. Replace your chair with an exercise ball. The control it takes to maintain your balance on the ball uses your abdominals and back muscles ~ PLUS the tilting reflex improves right to left brain hemisphere interaction and makes you smarter!

  3. Wear a pedometer and get to the 10,000 steps everyday. This simple tracking method will keep your program in check. Step it up after work if you haven’t reached your goal.

  4. Change your commute if possible. Especially as the weather gets nicer, try riding your bike or walking to work at least one day a week. I realize for some it might be a stretch but at least park in the farthest space.

  5. Chew gum in between meals and make sure you eat your protein! Eating protein with every meal will lessen the hormonal response to crave sugar and help stabilize your mood.

  6. If you spend many hours on the phone, get a headset. The strain on your neck muscles will impinge the spine and may lead to back pain and not just a pain in the neck.

  7. Instead of candy, get a fruit bowl to keep your diet on the right track.

  8. Keep the right snacks at your desk. Soy Crisps are a great option and tasty too.

  9. At the top of every hour, stand up and stretch. Roll your shoulders and open your arms to the side. Simple stretches can change overuse patterns of repetitive typing, computer use or talking on the phone

  10. March in place while sitting in your chair.

  11. Although, you might not feel you have the time, use a bathroom on another floor by using the stairs! You might find yourself running there and get yourself working up a breath!

  12. Schedule meetings outside or while taking a walk. You might be surprised that you feel better, think clearer and can still get business done.

  13. Keep 20 oz. bottles of water under your desk. It will encourage you to drink them and you can use them as hand weights. Take a break and grab the bottles and “tae boe” at your desk.

  14. Use your desk as your exercise gym! Tricep dips on your chair or desk. Forward lean push ups on your desk. Side bend reaches from your chair to the ground—a few every hour make a difference.

  15. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and walk the dog! Even if you don’t have one, talk a walk before work.

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