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Natural Cures for a Hangover

natural cures for a hangover

Whether it's the annual holiday party or a "Girl's Night Out", when you over indulge, a hangover may be haunting you the next morning. So how do you start the road to recovery? Here are 7 natural cures to help overcome your hang over.

1. Drink Water. Your body becomes dehydrated when you drink alcohol. So hydrating during the celebration is one way to manage the next morning's experience, but drinking water when you wake up is especially important. Drinking water helps flush impurities from your system.

2. Lyte up!. Drinking electrolytes will help rehydrate the body too. Think coconut water, sports drinks or even bullion cubes with water for chicken broth.

3. Eat light. The morning of a hangover is a good time for toast and cereal not bacon and eggs. It will help move the process of nausea along like that of drinking water.

Try this the night of your celebration.

1. Fried or sweet treats. The thought about fried foods is that they line the intestine with grease which decreases the uptake of alcohol or at least may slow the process. But this only works before the cocktails so fried foods in the morning may not help your hang over. Also keep in mind that sugars may increase your alcohol metabolism, that adding an orange juice between cocktails may help you avoid the hangover too.

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