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5 Things Your Personal Trainer Should Not Have You Do

1. Circus Exercises. - Although Cross-Fit workouts have some activities that look like Circus exercises their trainers do a great job with progressions. Which is the most important part of any training workout. Although some tossing medicine balls and hanging exercises may be something you are prepared for, if you are not comfortable with the movements, don't do them! Ask what the purpose of the exercise is and is there an alternate exercise you can do instead. Remember, basics get the job done and are typically less risky than the circus ones.

2. Stand on a ball. - You should never stand on a ball that's why they've invented, BOSU's, dyna discs and STEP 360 Pro as well. When you stand on a curved surface with both feet, the force on your knees and hips may cause problems and joint pain. Balance can be challenged other ways. You're not a seal nor should you roll on a ball for fitness.

3. The same routine. - Every body deserves a different workout. Watch to see if you routine is exactly the same as other clients. Your routine should reflect your muscle weaknesses and posture specifically. No two people should have the same workout.

4. Anything that causes joint pain. - Joint pain is an indication of something going wrong. If any exercise causes even the minimalist amount of joint pain, you should stop doing it. Question the exercise and find an alternate one. Plyometrics are not for every body. Although jumping challenges balance, until you are strong enough to stabilize the landings, the joints will suffer. Progression is key.

5. One body part focus. - These days not many of us are focusing on a body building competition, so your trainer should not be training you that way. Total body, upper body, lower body and integrated movements should take place at every training session. Question your trainer if they focus on chest one day and leg the next. Your whole body will thank you.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle expert and author of Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, You. (Vanguard Press) Follow on twitter to learn more @andreametcalf

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