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Eat healthy for $20 Week

Who says you can't eat healthy on a budget? I went to my local Trader Joe's and even ordered up the same items on line and found these main shopping items for only $20.50 ( with sales tax).

Here's what I bought:

a bag apples

5 bananas

broccoli bunch

8 oz bag carrots

potatoes 5# bag

chicken whole

dozen eggs

cheddar cheese

corn tortillas

kidney beans dry

brown rice bag

At Trader Joe's I had to take off the cheese because my chicken was higher and I could only find canned beans. But the total was still only $20.50

Now to make the menu plan

Breakfast has little variety but eggs are showcased.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 cup black beans, 2 corn tortillas - season with chili powder and cumin. Add cheese sparingly.

Breakfast option 2: Chopped broccoli with 2 egg scramble. Side of sliced red russet potatoes. Season with olive oil cooking spray, salt and pepper after putting them in the oven for 15 minutes at 425. (They crisp up so yummy)

Snacks: Apples, Bananas or Carrot slices

Lunch: Chicken Soup - use the whole chicken, add chopped carrots and onion and use rice for the starch. A hearty 2 cups each lunchtime for 4 of the 7 days.

Chicken tortillas are a hit as well. Eat these 3 times for lunch Add 3 oz of shredded thigh meat with finely diced onions, slivered carrots for crunch and sprinkle of cheese in your corn tortilla

Dinner: You'll have a vegan dinner for 4 of the 2 nights. Chicken breast shredded with rice and beans help starve off hunger and a 4 oz of chicken next to broccoli and beans works a great meal as well.

I'll admit the meals could use some spices: Cumin, Red pepper, Black pepper, lemon, and chili powder work well with these ideas.

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