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Don't Worry About Jumping Jacks...Leakage

I've been a fitness instructor for more than 30 years. I saw Jazzercise change to Zumba, Step change to Crossfit and Reebok change to Skechers. It's no surprise that my body has had some changes as well. Just thought it would never happen to me.</p>

<p>I remember the first time someone came up to me in a fitness class and said, "When we do those jumping jacks, (then whispers) I wet my pants." I was a bit taken back. I mean, it's a personal thing right, but then I realized after several people over the months of the jumping jacks challenge routines, she wasn't the only one. I found a few articles that recommended using a tampon to help secure the bladder leakage, but wasn't sure if that really worked. After all, I hadn't tried it myself.

Then recently, I turned 50! It is really a milestone and a time to reflect. Although personally I hadn't had any "oops!" moments in fitness class, sometimes when I started laughing, (you know those laughing moments that take you to tears) I would wet my pants. I just thought that happens to everyone.. but it doesn't.

But urinary incontinence happens more in women than men. Many experience this later in life but also during pregnancy, exercise, and menopause. Weak bladder muscles, overactive bladder muscles, and nerve damage may also cause urinary incontinence in women. But although the theory of something "up there" to press against the uretha and stop the flow is a good thought, the reality is, that it doesn't work well.

A new product called "Finess" has been developed to help stop the flow. Although undergarments like adult diapers can help absorb the liquid, Finess is a super lightweight, discreet and convenient way to prevent leaks rather than absorb them.​ It actually plugs the leak. It's a unique soft, gooey substance that is easily pressed in place. Some women may need a mirror the first time application while others seem to get it in place the first time. But this new product stops the flow and some clients who have used it say it seems to help decrease bathroom activity for hours.

While I’m here, let me give you your exclusive coupon code with the exact offer: enter coupon code 4MTXFBC5 to get 50% off a Finess 36-pack + free shipping. The coupon is valid until Nov 30. And, it’s only for purchases through Amazon.

This is something that's difficult sometimes to talk about. But really the problem has a simple fix. Now there's no more excuses for no jumping in class!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Finess. The opinions and text are all mine. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

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