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Day 3 #21DaysForGood

Day 3 -

My social schedule was a bit challenging yet again. I mean if I lead a "normal" 9-5 life ( who does?)

It started with a great breakfast! It was delicious eggs with turkey chili - a good combination of spice and flavor that I don't think I ever thought of doing myself. It held me over easily until lunch. I sat outside and enjoyed 2 enchiladas and a side of the chicken curry salad. Some of the small bites are just so good!

Later that afternoon I had another snack which was amazing- Chia pudding. And I can't forget the Necessity Blend: almond, cashew, walnuts, agave and more!

Dinner time, I couldn't help being with some old friends and clients. We headed out to dinner and I indulged in a few glasses of healthy red wine. I skipped my dinner for a bit of greens and a bite of fish and chateu briand.

I did get in a strength training workout in the morning... so I'm staying connected to my exercise regimen as well as the food.

Thank you Snap Kitchen for another amazing day!

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