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#21DaysForGood - Day 1

Success in anything is connected with action.

Successful people keep moving.

They make mistakes but they don't quit.

They hang on long after others have let go

Snap Kitchen #21DaysforGood

Day one cauliflower and tofu eggs for breakfast- can't say that I wouldn't necessarily pick that out for myself but actually it was very good.

My two snacks: caprese salad and then watermelon feta salads....outstanding!!!

Lunch who can complain about a spinach salad, beets, and goat cheese with candied walnuts - but dinner plans changed and I went out one Ahi-tuna taco. I suppose I could've tried to eat before I went but somehow it felt weird. I didn't have anything to drink ( not a single sip of a margarita -aw peer pressure) but water and I feel great!

One day down out of 20 more for good!

PS instead of going to the gym I took a nice one-hour walk around the lake - just love the city

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