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Even Though You Want To Skip the Workout - You Don't

You know it's Monday morning and you're struggling with hitting the snooze button and going back to bed. Your workout can wait. But on those mornings when you do manage to slip into your spandex and lace up your shoes, there are several thoughts that enter your mind. For me here are 10 things that happened today before my workout.

1. If I hit snooze again, I will be late for my workout.

2. Why don't I sleep in my gym clothes then I can sleep 10 minutes longer.

3. Do I need gym shoes for this workout?

4. I better brush my teeth, someone may actually talk with me before class.

5. Why can't I pre-order my Starbucks tea so it's ready for me.. I'm here every week ( shouldn't they know me by now )

6. Wait! Cars have the right of way.

7. I should have redone my playlist- how do I sign up for "Spotify"?

8. Checklist: mat, strap and block - you'd think I was a wrestler instead of a yoga teacher.

9. Zen music makes me relaxed.

10. Let's do this~!

Just wanting to share the fact that even though I have been teaching classes for over 30 years and more than half before the sun has come up, that I, too, want to roll over and skip it - but I don't. And neither should you!

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