Andrea Metcalf is a sought after trainer and fitness expert throughout Chicago and beyond. Andrea is trained and certified in multiple disciplines making her Chicago workout programs both diverse and innovative. She is often called upon by popular celebrities, world class athletes and active business professionals for her expertise in weight loss management, general fitness, and functional strength training.

Andrea Metcalf is dedicated to helping you achieve the body of your dreams. Health, strength and well-being come not only from outer vigor, but inner harmony as well. Please find below the services which are available to you through Andrea Metcalf.


Andrea Metcalf, Chicago, Personal Trainer, Trainer, Business Coach, Life Coach, Speaker, Chicago Speaker
Andrea Metcalf, Chicago, Personal Trainer, Trainer, Business Coach, Life Coach, Speaker, Chicago Speaker

Private Training                             Group Fitness                  Surf Experience Classes          Resonation Yoga

Private  Personal Training

Andrea is available for one-on-one personal training sessions within Chicago. Rates start at $125/session Packages of 10 are discounted 15%. Training sessions are performed at Hang 5 Fitness at Studios FUSE, 2215 N Halsted, Chicago.  In-home sessions are available.


 Please text to set up a consultation 630-670-4700

Group Fitness Classes

Barre Pilates and Yoga classes are offered daily at Hang 5 Fitness.  Class schedule below:

The SURF Experience

This class helps prep you for surfing anywhere in the world.
Class starts with a dynamic warm-up. Lunges, leg kicks, push-ups, and few wave runners. Learn the fundamentals of surfing: swimming, duck dive, pop-up, & carving. Then hit the waves! 15-minute surf experience all with the waves of the ocean on screen in front of you. All jam-packed into a 30-minute class with surf-style, heart pounding, beat bumping jams.
From ankle busters to crests, you grommets will Hang 10 chi-style!*

Resonation Space Silent Yoga events

Resonation ( formerly OmG Silent Yoga) is a Silent Yoga and Fitness events company utilizing wireless headset technology, a live DJ, and the city's top instructors to present a one of a kind experience. Participants enter their own mental space through the use of the neon-lit wireless headphones to the sounds of the live DJ, while the instructor guides them through their practice.

Reflect and tune in to your mind, body, and soul with a rooftop sunrise silent yoga practice. Participants  indulge in a live DJ's ambient and downtempo mix while the instructor guides their yoga session. Absorb the ambiance of sunset hues, fresh air, and start your day on a positive vibe

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