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Working Out at Home

Here is a simple workout program that you can do at home. Please keep in mind that I use vertical loading. This means that you do each exercise one time and then repeat it again in the order of the set. Do A, then B, then C then repeat A, then B, then C. This way the exercises are set up that you get a little break between sets on the muscle groups that are worked. Hope this makes sense and check out youtube and facebook for daily 20-minute workouts.

For this routine perform:

Side lunges on each side - you can add a weight to touch the floor and then press to the side to get the shoulders in on this and biceps.

Single leg touchdowns - Perform alternating sides and keep step forward about 18 inches.

Standing diagonal chops - Perform on each side 15x with a med ball or weight

Repeat this series.

Single arm rows - You can do this with a heavy weight or with a resistane tube. Perform on both sides.

Prone Combo - Make sure this is a three-part move. Plank, knee to elbow then knee to elbow then back to plank . Do them all on one side and then on the other side.

Crunches - This is a basic movement but make sure you are imprinting the spine and curling upward. You can lift legs into table top or extend the legs to make it more challenging.

Repeat this series.

Dead bug reaches - these are difficult if done correctly, Keep belly pulled into your spine.

Reverse crunches - You don't have to lift hight to make these work for you. Curl the hips towards the ribs and control the movement.

Swimming - this is one of the best moves for anyone with back or neck pain. Keep reaching long and not high on this movement.

Repeat this series.

Good luck with this workout!


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