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What makes a new product Stick? ONYX Pilates

Have ever thought about creating a new product for a hole in the marketplace? Creation of filling that space gives birth to a new idea or new product. For many people, the thought of "what's needed" is a frequent one. How many times have you found yourself saying : That's a good idea - I should have thought it!

But actually taking the pen to paper or hiring a design firm to make something new happen takes courage and little bit of crazy.

That person is my partner - business partner at ONYX Interactive, Jonathan Montet.

During the pandemic, he found himself wanting a better Pilates workout. He owned a Peloton treadmill and Legree mega-reformer, but actually doing workouts on his reformer left him moving around to see the screen and twisting to see the workout taking him out of alignment and falling off the machine

Hence ONYX was born - a newly designed dual tension, dual platform Pilates Reformer machine like nothing else on the market.

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