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I have been in the health and fitness world for more than 3 decades and I am excited to announce the launch of a new Pilates connected fitness program called ONYX Interactive.

Pandemic born business, ONYX Interactive aims at changing the at-home workout scene geared at Pilates enthusiasts who follow Solid Core and Legree style of Pilates as well as traditional players like Club Pilates and Stott Pilates companies. ONYX launches on Indie Gogo in December 2021 and aims to raise $150,000 to change the health and wellness market.

According to Peloton, Pilates was the most requested workout during the pandemic which launched the upturn of at-home workouts. ONYX will take center stage in this arena and promises:

  • New design changes that allow uninterrupted workout views.

  • More movements than with a traditional reformer.

  • Stylish, modern design with detachable accessories for easy storage.

  • High-quality, instructor-led content offering safe, effective , on-demand and live workouts.

  • Athletic, traditional, and recovery, rehab programming for all levels.

During the pandemic my Pilates studio, like many other fitness studios, were not allowed to hold classes. To keep members active and offer something for their needed membership fees, we opened the doors to them for private practice with the TV monitors to follow classes. They loved following the workouts just like at-home style bootcamps, tread classes and of course indoor cycling made famous by Peloton brand. What's more is the often "kept under lock and only professional assistance" barrier that most health clubs hold, of staying off a Pilates reformer "because you don't know how to use it" mentality, changed. My members loved coming in whenever their schedules allowed and focused on keeping Pilates workouts part of their routines.

Joseph's Pilates designed a reformer to "reform" the body to improve performance.

These teachings were focused on the spine movement of the body which today is referred to as the core. ONYX takes these teachings and opts to create more movements, more function and deliver the most comprehensive programming library for a safer workout.

About ONYX Interactive

ONYX Interactive is a new leader in the Pilates connected fitness platform with a focus on Pilates and functional wellness. The patent-pending, dual-directional reformer reimagines the at-home experience allowing users the ability to complete a workout with uninterrupted views. Additionally, the ONYX platform provides

instructor lead content that is high in quality and entertainment values users have come to expect.

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