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How to Reopen Responsibly- Six Steps Studios FUSE is Taking to Reopen amid COVID-19

We are so excited to re-open StudiosFUSE and welcome our students back into fitness in just a few short weeks!

In order to re-open we are taking six steps to re-open responsibly and so all of our students are safe during their workouts.

Step 1

All students and staff are required to fill out an online waiver prior to arriving at StudiosFUSE. This waiver will be asking questions about your health and symptoms. If you have any of the symptoms on our waiver then you will not be permitted into the building.

Step 2

We are providing masks in addition to enforcing that everyone must wear a mask in the common areas of our studio.

Step 3

We are stepping up our cleaning game with nightly fogging, Coral UV 3-in-1 sanitizer light boxes which provide a compact, an easy and chemical free solution for sanitizing , placing disinfectant wipes at stations we created throughout the studio, floor steaming in between each class, and providing a new cleaning checklist for our cleaners.

Step 4

We are only allowing ten people into the lobby at one time. This means if FUSE Pilates starts at 9am with ten students then Sport Fitness will start their class at 9:15am with their students so we can social distance and keep our students safe.

Step 5

We are only allowing a certain amount of students into our locker rooms at once with an instructor chaperone. Additionally there will be signs showing you how to properly wash your hands and wear your mask.

Step 6

We will not be providing towel rental service.

These are the six steps we are taking to re-open responsibly during COVID-19. If you have any suggestions that you would like us to add please Send Us An Email. (Link this)

We’ll see you in the studio soon!


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