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Guest Review: Grace F. - Bootcamp

I attended Hang 5 Fitness’ surf bikini bootcamp class, which lasted the perfect amount of time - 45 minutes. It was a total body workout that worked on my balance, core, legs and arms. Although it’s indoors, you still get the feeling of being on a surfboard.

What I enjoyed about the class was the feeling gI had after leaving. I felt great about myself but also the class itself was so much fun! The instructor was very peppy and interactive during the whole class, which was extremely helpful since it was my first time. She also played awesome pump up jams that keep you in the zone and make you want to work harder.

I give this workout experience a 10 out of 10! I’m always looking for something new, but also staying in my budget and this definitely was the right fit. I can’t wait to try out the other classes Hang 5 Fitness has to offer! If you haven’t checked out this studio, make sure you get to it!

Are you bored of your usual workout remedies? Are you someone who is always looking for a change of pace? Then, try out this new workout opportunity to experience what surfing is like outside of the water. This workout will definitely make you sweat, but leaves shining with satisfaction and confidence.-- Grace F.


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