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Get better posture, Come to Surf Bar

How many times when you were a child or teenager did you mom tell you to stand up straight? Well, mom had something to say that really was important. Having good posture helps with self esteem, confidence and keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment. Barre classes have skyrocketed in popularity and are one of the top five trends in group fitness.

What can you expect in a barre class?

Barre classes incorporate ballet and Pilates style movements with light resistance bands and weights. You can expect many repetitions to fatigue large muscles and light weights and resistance bands to attack the upper body at the same time as lower body moves. Beach Barre Burn is a unique take on the barre class format, as the intention of movement is to keep the heart rate above 120bpm to have a cardio calorie burn happening at the same time as the core and strengthening movements.

Surf Fitness Inspired Classes for Better Posture
Surf Bar Posture & Core Class

What can surf classes provide?

Surf classes are done on a large balancing board which makes every core muscle engage to maintain upright balance. The balancing boards combine large moves like plie's and squats as well as balancing moves like planks and leg lifts to compliment and challenge the body.

Get toned and sculpt with weights in Surf Bar classes
Surf Bar Classes help with strength and posture

Get into a Surf Bar class.

Surf Bar is the latest class offering at Hang 5 Fitness which incorporates 20 minutes of balancing board work and 20 minutes of postural barre work for a total body experience to improve your flexibility and strength and posture.

Classes are offer at Hang 5 Fitness located in Studios FUSE, 2215 N Halsted, Chicago. Register online here. Membership offers 8 classes for $79 monthly. Drop in classes are $30. First time clients may sign up for week of unlimited classes for $25.


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