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Brides want more than just a drinking binge for their bachelorette parties

At Hang 5 Fitness, we offer a new way to bond, connect, and maybe even get a little sweat in with your besties before the best day of your life -- Your Wedding! We love hosting the groups of women for a fun, fit surf experience. Here's one of our latest reviews from YELP.

"Our experience with H5F was beyond AMAZING. My bachelorette party started there, with a private class with Sherie. We were scheduled to start our 6-person class at noon, but my sisters' train ran late - half of our party didn't arrive until almost 12:45p and Sherie waited so patiently for us! I couldn't believe how accommodating she was of our situation. Even after they arrived so late, she still did the full class for no extra charge. She was friendly and helpful.

The class itself was great! It was challenging to balance on the boards, but definitely doable. The exercises themselves were a blend of yoga and pilates, with lots of core work! I WAS SO SORE the next day, but it was really cool to workout in such a different way!

A private class on a Saturday morning cost $22 per person, regardless of the number of people (minimum is 6), which is super reasonable considering many studios charge $20-$25 to drop in for a public class AND don't utilize such a cool piece of equipment- the surfboard was featured on the show Shark Tank!

The locker rooms have 3 shower stalls and provide towels, blowdryers, Q-tips, mouthwash, etc. They were clean and spacious (plus BYOB, so we popped some champagne after class!).

I WILL BE BACK! I would recommend this studio to anyone, but especially for a private group outing."

Thank you Jess!


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