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Good News for Chai Tea Drinkers

I have never been a fan of coffee and quite frankly, I just don't like the taste. I mean I love the smell of fresh roasted beans. The aroma is peaceful and sweet but the taste of coffee to me is bitter and harsh. With that said I just stumbled upon why my daily Chai habit may be healthier than I thought!

Here are 5 reasons you need to dump coffee and upgrade to chai:

#1: YOU CAN DRINK 3X AS MANY CUPS OF CHAI AS COFFEE A cup of strong coffee has three times as much caffeine as a cup of chai—leading to actual caffeine addiction (don't do drugs, kids!).

#2: CHAI HEALS YOU (NO, SERIOUSLY) Coffee contains unpronounceable chemicals like 2-Ethylphenol and quinic acid—but chai supports well-being with high-antioxidant black tea and a health-promoting blend of spices like cardamom and cloves.

#3: IT'S AN APHRODISIAC Coffee's stimulant/crash cycle doesn't do much for your life in the bedroom—but masala chai contains cinnamon, an aphrodisiac that can increase your sex drive.

#4: YOU'RE NOT TIED TO A BATHROOM Caffeine is a diuretic (it makes you pee!), meaning you're going to need to stay near a bathroom after drinking coffee—which is 98% water. Hello chai, goodbye bladder problems.

#5: CHAI NATURALLY RELIEVES STRESS The excess caffeine in coffee can release cortisol, which causes stress—while chai's blend of ingredients (notably cardamom and cinnamon) have calming and mentally clarifying effects.

Chime is on a mission to help Americans replace their coffee with a freshly brewed, authentic cup of chai. With high grade black tea sourced and packed in India, it’s allowing Americans to enjoy a cup that will kick coffee to the curb for good.

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