Exercise to Breathe with Ease

Are you having a hard time breathing? Do you have a mild but recurrent cough? Do you have occasional shortness of breath especially after exercise?


These could be early symptoms for a group of progressive lung diseases called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. Emphysema and Bronchitis are the most common types of breathing issues. But simple lifestyle changes can help alleviate these symptoms and prevent the progressive dysfunction that can lead to a lifetime of COPD.

Exercise is key for reducing the risk the top five causes of death and it’s no surprise that it can help decrease the risk for COPD.

4 Ways to Prevent and Treat COPD

Walk it off. Taking a 15-30 minute walk daily can help improve your cardiovascular system. It helps reduce stress and anxiety but most importantly gives your lungs a chance to get stronger. Depending on your current condition, walking may be a challenge in and of itself. But if you can do short bursts of fast paced walking for 10-30 seconds, followed by a minute to 2 minute casual pace, you’ll find quicker improvements in your breathing and heart function.

Ride on. Getting on a stationary bike and pedaling may be a good option when the cold, rain or snow is present. You may opt for a bike with a small tv screen to watch television as you pedal or take a scenic ride with iFit Live programming. Either way, the distraction may help you ride a little bit longer. Opt for a spinning class if a group atmosphere works well for