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4 mistakes to avoid for better health

With new year resolutions right around the corner, many of you may be looking at improving your health, losing weight or trying to find some balance in your life. Here are four mistakes to avoid to achieve better health in 2018 .

1. TOO MUCH TOO FAST - If you are looking for fast results you may be tempted to go all out and try high intensity interval training. Make sure your workouts are balanced and opt for workouts that focus on the core, alignment, balance and the mind body connection. Check out www.StudiosFUSE.com. This new fitness co-op has the best boutique fitness workouts under one roof. Incorporate balance training tools like Auster Trainer, surfset fitness boards or Probar to get feedback on your movements.

make sure your fitness is balanced - ideas to help, Surfboards, Balance, tools

2. NO RECOVERY PROGRAM. Yoga is great for recovery but foam rolling is key for myofascial release and preventing injuries. SMART Yoga, which stands for strength, mobility, active recovery training, is offered at Yoga Space in Studios FUSE. It uses the foam rollers and light weights to help athletes and weekend warriors move better and stay in alignment. Products like the Rumble Rollers and Beastie ball can help get deeper into the muscles or go pain-free with the MyoBuddy massager. Use promo FUSE 100 for $100 off your first order.

3. COMPLICATED DIETS. Avoid complicated diets and never skip breakfast. Keep your morning simple with a heart healthy bowl of oatmeal adding berries, nuts and some protein powder to boost your energy. And don't forget supplements too. With New Year's Eve a celebratory night, think smart and get your B vitamins, milk thistle, aloe and other supplements to help your body break down alcohol toxins. Never too Hung Over, (sold at Binny's) can help you take back your tomorrow.

4. MISSING SLEEP. A good night's rest can help you lose weight, perform better and avoid sugar cravings. Get a good bedtime ritual, talk to your doctor about taking a magnesium supplement, and read before bed to calm the mind and inspire better balance in your life.


-rituals, eyecovers. Look at your mattress and sleep habits.

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