Grilling Season Starts at the Beach Win Care-free Summer Lawn Service

As signs of spring sneak up, like Groundhog's Day and daylight savings, we need to be reminded of the summer traditions like grilling and a swim in Lake Michigan. This past Sunday, the Chicago Polar Plunge iced down many locals and celebrities with a dip into Lake Michigan raising $1.5 million for Special Olympics. A spring tradition for many, this year's plunge served up a Bear on the beach and a baby daddy, Dax Shepard. But this bear had more to offer than a towel. Former Bears legend, Brian Urlacher, was there in chef gear, meeting, greeting and grilling up the first Johnsonville brats of the season. The cold weather is no excuse to not enjoy the a good brat! Chef- Brian shook hands and s

6 Foods to Make You Smarter

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your mom told you when you were a kid, “Never skip breakfast!”. Without breakfast, your metabolism is lower, you think less clearly, you're more likely to snack on sweets later in the day and you may even gain weight! While we all know breakfast is immensely important and what you eat matters! So to make the most of your munch, don't skip breakfast and eat these 6 foods to be smarter as well. Want to be smarter? Eat up! 1. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, providing 37 percent of your daily recommended intake in a one-ounce serving (about 23 almonds or a handful). Take them on the go! A study published in the America

SURFSET Fitness: Surf Yoga vs Surf Blend

SURF YOGA If you ever went to a local yoga/hot yoga class and thought “I’m not Zen enough to do this”, “It’s too hot for me to even breathe.”, “My ADD won’t let me stay focused this quietly.”, Surf Yoga might be for you. Now, it might seem challenging by the sound of it that you’re doing yoga on a surf board. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Introducing the world’s first total-body surf trainer, designed to stimulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. The board has 4 loops that you can attach any standard resistance bands to, and 3 boogie balls that plays the role of the wave. We’re here to shake things up, literally. We do not exist in a static environment and neither shoul

How to Be Motivated to Workout

Staying fit is an essential way of ensuring a healthy and fulfilling life. That is why, for so many people, their top new year's resolution always involves a new gym membership, exercising more or some other related fitness goal. It is unfortunate that these goals are discarded within the first few months or weeks! The most important question for personal fitness then becomes, "what are the ways to motivate yourself to workout?" Since this is a common complaint among many people interested in staying fit, we've compiled a few tips on how to be motivated to workout in 2017: 1. Identify your Goals - Apart from keeping fit, the other most common reason people commit to working out is weight ma

Start Your Best Day in the Bathroom

It’s where most people find themselves after they wake up, but here are 5 ways to make that first trip to the ladies room, be more than just a place to flush things out. Drink up. Your first priority should be taking a drink of water. A whole glass will help replenish fluid loss from sleeping and hydrate your face from the inside out. Step on the scale. Although 41% of women feel shame every time they step on a scale according to a national survey, stepping on the scale daily can help minimize weight gain according to studies at Duke and Cornell Universities. Meditate in the shower. Simply being more conscious of your breath is a form of meditation. Enhance your environment and hang euca

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