Flexibility Training Why It Matters

Flexibility plays a role with eliminating back pain. Read this short article to understand how and What flexibility is... then try some of the moves mentioned here and in the daily exercise routines. You know you need it: flexibility! You stretch, stretch, and stretch some more but it seems that you’re body still is tight. To achieve and maintain flexibility to move easier and with less risk of injury, you’ll need to reset the body with specific strengthening movements as well as specific stretching techniques. Can you touch your toes? It may seem like an easy task, but one of the first measures of flexibility is ease of movement in touching your toes. The “Sit and Reach” test from middl

Maybe You Just Need An Adjustment

More than 80% of adults will have back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the number one reason for people missing extended periods of work and sidelines people everyday. With the many twists and turns and day can stress on your body, keeping your body in alignment is key to avoiding your back slipping a disk or a pain in the neck. That's where the Joint, a new chiropractic clinic comes in. Licensed chiropractic doctors help manage your spine alignment and posture before you're in trouble with your back. Simple adjustments from week to week can be the key to better health and less pain. How do you know if you should be gettting an adjustment? Simple tests like lying on the

Natural Ways to Feel Better

There are many ways to make your body feel better-- exercise being one of my favorite. There's nothing like taking a walk and breathing in the fresh air and invigorating blood pumping through my body. But when a walk isn't on the table due to work, weather or whatever... here are a few simple things you can do to feel better! • Drink a cup of tea. Green Tea soothes aches and pains and can help. • Have a dandelion salad. Chamomile helps de-stress and improve the digestion process. • Pop a mint! Peppermint soothes symptoms of asthma, allergies, and nausea, • Drink a beer. Hops provide a mild euphoria and a relaxing effect. • Take a bath with

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